Gastronomic catering for weddings and events in Mallorca

Every kitchen has a different touch, a special ingredient. Let's say that ours is the heart and passion we have. In addition of course to the high-quality and seasonal products we work with, specially selected and with a succulent touch of proximity. Gastronomic roots from around the world, based always in the mediterranean recipes and a bit of innovation. With enthusiasm, passion and effort we will create unforgettable moments so that your event in Mallorca is unique.

Signature gastronomy

A gastronomy to enjoy 


  • Normally before preparing a personalized proposal, we send you some standard ideas similar to the concept you are suggesting, so that you could see an initia idea from where we can start to create something tailored. 
  • In these proposals it is always important that you get to the end, where you will find the budget and conditions slide, where the service, drinks, duration, transport, etc.and all conditions  are detailed.
  • The space is not included in the proposals, which if you need, we will send you the price separately.
  • In each standard proposal, you will find in the conditions the details and the generalized transport. In custom proposals, it will always be indicated in the conditions and may vary according to the place and needs of the event.
  • Of course, each event is different and there are almost never two similar events. In the event that you know what you are looking for, it is best that you provide us with the following information in order to create something tailored: date, space, number of pax, type of service, duration of the event, gastronomic style and budget.
  • We can do any type of cuisine, we love challenges and there is no food style that’s resists to our chefs.
  • We are based in an author Mediterranean kitchen style. We have standard menus to provide you with some ideas and these ones will be used as a guide.
  • We will listen to all your thoughts and prepare a balanced proposal with all the details that you suggest. We adapt to the number of people and type of event that we have to carry out. Even if you have a proposal that is for a minimum, it can be done anyway, only the price will be valued again.
  • The prices indicated are always without VAT. VAT for F&B services is of the 10% to add on top and rest of services 21%.
  • Of course we do!, as long as they have all the necessary guarantees and permissions.
  • On the one hand there is the catering proposal and on the other hand, the cost of the space. For the rest of detals, we will send you the prices and contacts of our partners so that you can contact them directly to solve any doubts.
  • Of course yes! In all the proposals we include material, the one that Amida decides in each of the. This is always specified in all our proposals.
  • Food and wines can be modified according to your liking. You have them included in each offer but you also have a wine list in case you want to value other options. If the wine you want is not on our menu, do not hesitate to contact us, and do not worry about the quantity, we will always have it available and each offer includes the necessary quantity so that the day of the event is not missing. In the event that you provide us with the wine, we will deduct € 1.00 per type of wine from the menu price.
  • The open bar beverage package is fixed as we include a wide variety. You can add bottles according to your liking adding price per bottle, and don’t worry about the quantity, we will always have available and the quantity necessary for the contracted service.
  • The staff menu is only for the suppliers that you consider, such as photographers, video, musicians … it is the same menú selected but with special price. For our coordination staff, waiters, cooks or logistics team that will be on the day of the event, Amida will take care of them.
  • As an initial scheme you can consider that the most important points are: First the place. Second the event package. Third the extra furniture to decorate according to your liking. Fourth the flowers. Fifth the music. Sixth transport. But for your peace of mind, we will help you with each and every one of them.
  • The ceremony set up is not included. We put at your disposal our extensive catalogue in case you need material.
  • For the cocktail and the disco you will always have your bar and high tables for the comfort of the guests. But also, you will have at your disposal an extensive catalogue to choose the table style to your liking. Within the price there will be different chairs, tablecloths, glassware, kitchenware, etc. Even apart, there will be seasonal advances and a Premium line for those who want something extra.
  • There is always a maitre on site coordinating the timing of the event according to what we have scheduled. But also, we offer a coordination service for those couples who get married and are looking for a more detailed coordination.
  • Due to our high quality standards and level of service, Amida doesn’t manage weddings in a way that is not comprehensive, since we like to take care of every detail until the end of the party.