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Els Calderers


The Finca Els Calderers, located between Sant Joan in Mallorca, is a historic jewel that offers a unique and charming setting for weddings and events. This 13th-century estate is a living testimony to Mallorcan history, carefully preserved.

Els Calderers offers a variety of environments for celebrations. La Miranda stands out with its imposing façade and views of the Mallorcan countryside, while the charming Era, a private forest, provides a natural contrast. The property's photogenic staircases and renovated stone interior can accommodate up to 500 people, ideal for large events.

More than just a farm, Els Calderers is a time capsule. The main building, a typical Mallorcan three-story house with an interior patio, “sa clastra”, and central pond, was built with tidal stone. It includes stables and pens with native animals, as well as a blacksmith's workshop and a laundry room, adding a rustic and authentic touch.

Also functioning as a house-museum, Els Calderers offers a collection of art, decorative and ethnological arts. Visitors can explore the old house and farm buildings, which display traditional agricultural instruments and machinery, as well as different breeds of Mallorcan domestic animals.

Els Calderers is more than just a place for events; it's a historical and cultural experience in the heart of Mallorca, ideal for those looking for a place with soul and tradition for their important celebrations.

Capacidad Interior
400 pax
Capacidad Exterior
300 pax
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Interior + Carpa
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