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Finca Morneta


Finca Morneta, near Binissalem and 20 minutes from Palma, is a treasure of Mallorcan history, ideal for holding events. With roots dating back to the 11th century, this stately estate has witnessed diverse cultures, offering a setting rich in mystery and legend.

Initially documented in 1285, Morneta has been linked to weddings and special events. Acquired in 1953 by Alfonso Vivo i Triay as a wedding gift for his daughter, it has been maintained and renovated, preserving its historic charm and adapting to modernity.

The estate has more than a thousand square meters, including gardens, cobblestone patios, and historic structures such as Gothic arches and 16th century mechanisms. These spaces, adapted for contemporary events, provide a perfect environment for unforgettable celebrations.

Ideal for corporate events, weddings and meetings, Morneta merges tradition, history and gastronomy for personalized experiences. With its rich history and natural environment, Finca Morneta is a prominent destination in Mallorca for those looking for a place with character and charm for their events.

400 pax
3 Habitaciones
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